Alibaug has become one of Mumbai’s most popular tourist destinations, enticing most of the city’s residents with its homestays and villas in Alibaug. In fact, Alibaug got its name in the most unusual way. Ali, a Bene Israelite, used to live in Alibaug. In his gardens, he had a number of mango and coconut plantations. As a result, the locals began to refer to the area as “Alichi Bagh” (Marathi for “Ali’s Garden”), or simply “Alibag,” and the name stuck. Known as the Goa of Mumbai, it bears resemblance to a lot of interiors and design in the villas in Anjuna or villas in Candolim.

Most Mumbai residents desire to live in Alibaug, but the Alibaug experience is not limited to its beaches. Alibaug was content as a picturesque hamlet across the Arabian Sea before it became popular as a holiday destination for big-city dwellers. In fact, it was this get-away-from-it-all vibe that drew people to its largely untouched greenscape. The pandemic emphasized the advantages of retreating to small-town sanctuaries, where people were fewer in number and access to nature was easy. Alibaug has become a popular second-home destination for city dwellers, particularly those from Mumbai, in recent years with plenty of accommodation options such as homestays and Alibaug villas for rent. But this small town has so much more to offer—places best explored when you live here and have the time to indulge your curiosity. And now that the RoRo has made things so much easier, you can simply drive around and discover its allure and stay at Alibaug villas for rent.

1. Chaul

One of the most dynamic spots in Alibaug is the ‘Chaul’. Chaul is a historic town about 15 km from Alibaug, and it is famous for its Portuguese ruins. More than 365 old temples are present in the Chaul town. Massive troops of people come to this historic town to pay their visits timely. Villas in Alibaug are aplenty and abundant in options if you wish to retire from a long trip to Chaul.

2. Temples

On a 900-foot-high hill, there is a well-known Shiv temple, Kankeshwar Devsthan. It is a 5000-foot ascent on well-paved stairs that takes about an hour. The Shiv temple stands 54 feet tall. Each side of the front gate features a lion sculpture, with a traditional lamp-pillar (deepmaal) in the centre. Lord Shiv’s 4-foot ‘pindi’ is silver-plated. This hill contains a variety of herbs, making it both useful and attractive to the locals. The divine spot here has been proven to be very old, but it is one of Alibaug’s most sacred places and are in close proximity to villas in Alibaug.

3. Water Sports

Alibaug’s most popular beaches are Mandwa Beach, Nagaon Beach, and Alibaug Beach. A variety of water and adventure sports are available here. Here Alibaug villas for rent by the beach are a popular accommodation choice.Each beach is well-known for a variety of water sports. On Nagaon Beach, parasailing is popular, while jet skis, banana boats, and sea kayaks are popular on Alibaug Beach. Mandwa Beach is the place to go if you want to try out exciting sports like quad biking or get the best cycling experience. Even if you’re not a fan of water sports, you might enjoy being a water baby. For when you wish to retire or the adrenaline at a beach is too much, you could dip your toes in the water at villas in Alibaug. 

4. Beaches 

Mandwa Beach, a well-known beach in Alibaug, is also one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations near Mumbai. It emerges as a place brimming with serenity and quiet, two gems that are difficult to come by in city life. Alibaug’s beaches at Kihim and Thal are among its crown jewels. The beach is a long stretch of pristine white sand framed by the soothing shadow of swaying coconut trees and fronds. As you walk through the countryside, you’ll notice many small farms and large plantations of bananas, mangoes, and coconuts. There are many a plethora of beach villas in Alibaug.

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