Every religion and group in India celebrates its own culture. India’s numerous festivals are a fair reflection of its voluminous culture and traditions. While there are celebrations throughout the year, the country experiences different vibes in December, giving us an opportunity to plan a trip across the country. The most spectacular Indian holidays and celebrations in the month of December are listed below.


One of the most well-known and common holidays in India in December is Christmas, which is joyfully and widely celebrated throughout the country. All ages participate in the festivities. People don their best festival attire, put up Christmas trees in their homes, give gifts, and eat delicious Christmas cakes. You can also check out Ekostay Villas to host a lavish Christmas party.

Winter Festival

The Winter Festival is regarded as one of December’s most captivating festivities. It is a vibrant event that is joyfully observed in Rajasthan. Here, artisans from across the nation congregate to display their works of art and handmade goods. The festive celebrations also feature Daph, Ghoomar, and Gair performances of music and dance. Scan through Zoh Villa in Jaipur to enjoy a real hands-on experience in Rajasthan.

New Year’s Eve

Everywhere in India, people celebrate the New Year with love and happiness by throwing lavish parties, cooking delectable meals, and attending exciting performances and concerts. Many even host house parties and ring in the new year with joy. To host a lavish new year party, check out our 7BHK Casa De Atlantis in Alibaug, ideal for a large gathering.

Feast Of Francis Xavier

One of the several yearly celebrations that take place in India’s winter is the feast of St. Francis Xavier. In Goa’s Basilica, Francis Xavier’s mummy is on display. Since his burial date falls on this festival day, a feast is held, which the Goans take pleasure in. To witness the wonderful celebration here head on to our villas in Goa for a memorable stay.

Cochin Carnival

One of the most well-known Indian holidays, the Cochin Carnival, is a cultural feast that is celebrated with utter joy and fervor. Participate in these celebrations including a magnificent parade with folk music, people dressed in their best vibrant costumes, and elephants decorated with ornaments, in addition to musical performances and cultural events. Check out our villas in Kerala for more details.

Karthigai Deepam

One of the most opulent-looking holidays in December is Karthigai Deepam, or the festival of lights. The goal of the joyful and energetic event is to welcome good things and drive out bad things and negativity. Clay lamps and diyas are used to decorate temples and homes. On top of the hill, a huge fire is lit to begin the ceremony. Many people flock to see this, therefore it is regarded as a sacred activity. South Indian Hindus celebrate this holiday in December. Fly down to stay at our Villas in Tamil Nadu to celebrate this festival with your loved ones.

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