Villas in Lonavala

Villas in Lonavala – Rent the Perfect Monsoon Villa

Lonavala is frequently the first place that comes to mind when deciding where to go for a monsoon retreat close to Mumbai. This stunning hill town offers a tranquil retreat from the bustle of city life and is located in the Sahyadri range. In addition to its lush vegetation and foggy surroundings, Lonavala is renowned for its opulent villas that offer an amazing stay. We shall explore some of the best villas in Lonavala in this blog, including private pool villas, luxury villas, and scenic view villas, perfect for a monsoon getaway.

Listing of Best Lonavala Villas

  1. Ekostay Villa Blanco

 The ideal fusion of contemporary conveniences and unspoiled beauty can be found in this private pool villa in Lonavala. Imagine waking up to the comforting sound of rain,sipping hot tea while admiring the beautiful surroundings. For those looking for seclusion and peace in Lonavala during the rainy season, Villa Blanco is the perfect option.

  1. Ekostay Hillview Villa

Hillview villa is the solution for those who yearn for a view that will take their breath away. This property, perched on a hill, provides stunning all-encompassing views of Lonavala’s verdant surroundings. The monsoon season is the ideal time to travel because it transforms the area into a lush green paradise. During the rainy season, this luxury villa in Lonavala offers the utmost comfort as well as the ideal vantage position to take in the scenery.

  1. Ekostay Sucasa Villa

Sucasa Villa is the place to go if you’re seeking a home away from home. This charming villa has a welcoming atmosphere that makes it perfect for families and small parties. A touch of luxury is provided by the private pool, which enables you to enjoy the monsoon showers while cooling off in the water. The pinnacle of ease and comfort in Lonavala is Sucasa Villa.

  1. Ekostay Tranquil Villa

The ideal option for people looking to get away from the stress of daily life. This home offers peace and seclusion as it is situated away in a tranquil area of Lonavala. The surroundings come to life with lush flora and gushing waterfalls during the wet season. It’s a great choice for a monsoon retreat in Lonavala because it enables you to get in touch with nature and revive your senses.

Monsoon Retreats in Lonavala

These villas offer the ideal place to stay to experience Lonavala’s beauty when it rains, when it truly comes alive. Lonavala has everything, whether you’re seeking for a hilltop villa to take in panoramic views or a private pool villa to unwind and rest in. The monsoon season in Lonavala offers a singular experience, with foggy landscapes, luscious foliage, and an irresistibly romantic atmosphere.

Consider staying at one of the gorgeous villas featured above as you organize your Lonavala monsoon retreat. For a relaxing and enjoyable stay, Ekostay  offers a variety of solutions to suit your interests.

Luxury villas in Lonavala make the ideal accommodation for an amazing vacation. Lonavala is the best location for a monsoon escape. You will be mesmerized by Lonavala’s magnificence during the rainy season, whether you select a private pool villa, a hillside retreat, or a modest hideaway. Reserve your villa today and set out to explore Lonavala’s monsoon enchantment.


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