Alibaug has long lured us with its gorgeous scenery, breezy beaches, and lush flora. Alibaug, is home to some of the most gorgeous residences you’d want to live in. Fortunately for you, Ekostay has a plethora of villas in Alibaug for you to choose from and have a relaxing and soothing staycation. Owning a private villa in Alibaug is not only a terrific option for people searching for a quick break, but it’s also a great investment. Here are some of the reasons why investing in Alibaug is always a wise idea:

Staycation spot

The hustle and bustle of city life may be exhausting. It’s only after you’ve been suffocated by polluted air and dust for a long time that you realise you need a break. And there’s no better way to get away than to go to Alibaug. Clean air, calm waterways, and a more relaxed way of life At some time, we all need a little of that. With its contagious charm, wide beaches, cheerful residents, and cosy feel, Alibaug offers all of that and more.

Easy Accessibility

Alibaug is a quaint and cosy town which is easily accessible via road as well as sea. The hilly mountainside views during the road trip or gazing the calm and tranquil sea from Mumbai to Alibaug, The trip is scenic no matter what route you take.  

Proximity to Mumbai city

And, because to the fantastic daily boat service—which takes only 60 minutes from the Gateway of India—it is becoming more accessible to Mumbai residents. If you travel from Mumbai, this would require you three hours to reach your destination. The greatest aspect is that all ekostay villas in Alibaug are within short and minimal distance of the ferry service, making it convenient for both homeowners and renters. You may really escape with only a thought and no planning if you rent a private luxury villa in Alibaug. These residences will be completely furnished and fitted, as well as provided with our property management services for a perfect staycation with your loved ones.

Great Investment Opportunity

Aside from being a wonderful getaway, your private villa in Alibaug will also promise to be a valuable decision, as property rates in Alibaug have increased by 3 to 4 fold in the last decade, and the value of property has increased by around 150 percent, with more to come.

Real Estate Boost

This seaside town isn’t just for the affluent and famous any longer. Alibaug has experienced significant growth in recent years. Bungalows are easy to get by in Alibaug since famous developers are building gated communities. Each villa property has its own entrance, infinity pools, private clubs and gyms, and other amenities. Though rental housing isn’t particularly appealing, you may easily rent out your villa on a weekly basis to travellers.

Alibaug is an eternal choice for a holiday house that shouts luxury, exclusivity, and strong returns on investment, with a fantastic combination of culture, serene environment, and rapidly increasing infrastructure!

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