Alibaug is a well-known vacation spot, known for its beautiful and calm beaches, villas, and celebrity visitors. Every beach lover’s ideal vacation is the charming coastal town of Raigad in Maharashtra’s Raigad District.

Alibaug is also a popular destination for water sports, and the sunset and dawn vistas are breathtaking. Alibaug Beach, one of Maharashtra’s most well-known and beautiful beaches, has been attracting visitors for many years. The beach is known for its clear water and rich history. Visit the beach around sunset for a spectacular display of colours.

Villas in Alibaug :

Sea breeze Villa

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the centre of nature near the beach, this property is ideal. The home has a farmhouse/bungalow feel to it rather than a villa. All three rooms have private bathrooms. The villa has a large outdoor space with badminton, hammocks, palm trees, a BBQ, and a campfire.

Lake front villa

A lovely 4BHK Ekostay Lakefront Villa in Alibaug holiday house in Mushed, Alibaug, approximately 20 minutes from the Mandwa Jetty. A hassle-free stay choice for any party of up to 12-18 people wishing to rest and unwind among the blossoming palm trees and lovely lake views on both sides of the property. The villa has four bedrooms, a private pool, a beautiful garden, and outdoor activities for our visitors to relax and enjoy. There is a caretaker on the premises who can assist you during your stay.

Sun Montana Villa

The interiors of this villa, a magnificent Portuguese property with minimalist design, splashes of colour, and contemporary furnishings, will transport you to a vacational feeling. It radiates elegance, tranquilly, and pleasant energy. There are 5 bedrooms, a magnificent pool, and a lit-up pool deck on the property. Because it is an EKO STAY resort, guests may be confident in the quality and service of their stay.

Pine Wood Villa

Ekostay Pine Wood Villa in Alibaug, a wonderfully done up Portuguese style 3BHK vacation villa in Alibaug, is a fuss-free stay choice for any party of upto 12-15 people wishing to unwind and rest by the magnificent pool area. The villa has three bedrooms, all of which are situated on the ground level. A charming tunnel goes into the pool area as you come via the main gates.

Casa Polo

Our 3BHK Ekostay Casa Polo Villa in Alibaug is located in the unspoilt seaside beauty of Alibaug. It is ideal for a brief yet luxurious escape, as it is only 3 kilometres from Mandwa Jetty and has easy access back into the city. A Portuguese-styled property surrounded by beautiful flora with a private pool, ideal for your next picture opportunity. The greatest amenities are provided to provide you with the comfort of a pleasant break.

The Villa is serviced by a housekeeper, and home cooked meals are available for an extra fee. Come here with your family and friends, or even your four-legged companions, and let your hair down.

Villas in Alibaug are Ideal for friends, families and couples. We cater to all!

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