Alibaug is a seaside town in the Raigad District that is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. It’s known for its opulent marine forts, fresh local fish, and pristine, sun-kissed beaches. Alibaug is the perfect weekend hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Alibaug is known for its calm waters and sun-drenched beaches. The town is also accessible by ferry from Mumbai and serves as an excellent tourist destination for both youngsters as well as old.

  •         Historic locations in Alibaug

Alibaug was once known as Kolaba, after Shivaji’s Kolaba Fort, which was established in 1680 CE. Alibaug, in Maharashtra’s Konkan area, is famed for its picturesque beaches and historic forts. Khanderi Fort, Kolaba Fort, Vikram Vinayak Temple or Birla Temple, Magnetic Observatory, and Korlai Fort are also worth visiting. Alibaug is slowly but surely becoming a popular place for staycations and fast getaways. A comfortable and pleasant stay at a private villa by Ekostay for rent or a luxury villa for rent in Alibaug by Ekostay may make a brief vacation in Alibaug even more enjoyable.

  •       A Trip to the Fort of Murud Janjira by Boat

Murud is known for its wide sandy beaches that are surrounded by picturesque forts, palms, and coconut trees, creating the perfect holiday scene. The trip’s highlight is a visit to the fort. Traveling by sailboat is an option that is both exciting and beautiful. Murud-sea The fort of Janjira is one of India’s most unusual and beautiful forts.

  •       Long coast filled with beaches

Alibaug is known for its various beaches, all of which are only a few minutes’ drive apart, so you won’t have to worry about choosing which beach to explore and what to forego. Alibaug also has Mandwa Beach, which has a beautiful view of the Gateway of India from its bay and where you may lay on the sand and sip a nice drink while admiring the grove of coconut palms that line the beach.  Alibaug Beach, of course, is the most popular beach in Alibaug, and it gives a wonderful view of not only the sunrise and sunset but also the tides. Kihim Beach and Nagaon Beach are two other prominent beaches in the vicinity, with Kihim Beach being a photographer’s dream.

  •       Private luxury villas in Alibaug

A stunning getaway to Alibaug must be accompanied by an equally mesmerizing stay in a private villa in Alibaug. Ekostay offers a multitude of villas for you to choose from. Casa polo, Panorama villa, Sea breeze villa in Alibaug are affordable and perfect for a fun getaway with friends and when you’re on a budget. Sun Montana, Casa Azul, and Bali villa in Alibaug are extravagant and luxurious villa in Alibaug for the guests to have a memorable experience and a comfortable stay throughout their staycation. Amenities in these private villas in Alibaug include a private swimming pool, a personal caretaker to assist you with all your needs and demand throughout your stay, and who can also arrange bonfire and bbq facilities for the guests at Ekostay villas.

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