For decades, Goa has been a major tourist destination. Millions of travelers visit this small Indian city on the Arabian Sea coast. Its lovely beaches and tropical terrain with coconut trees make it a popular tourist destination. However, its lush scenery is not the only reason why this area of India is liked – it is highly peculiar and does not appear like a regular Indian city. The uniqueness is due to the Portuguese dominance of Goa, which molded their architecture. There are a few other elements that draw visitors year after year. Regardless of how many times you’ve visited the beaches here, they tend to change their appearance and acquire new structures with each new season.

Some of the most delicious seafood in the state can be found on Goa’s Candolim Beach. The beach is lined with shacks and restaurants that serve mouthwatering libations. The long, straight beach at Candolim is dotted with small dune formations that offer only limited protection. One of Goa’s most famous beaches, Candolim offers a wide variety of activities, including water sports, fine dining, excellent dining, and souvenir shopping. Ekostay provides guests and tourists to Candolim with a selection of villas. There are several exquisite and opulent villas available for rent in Candolim.


An isolated place free of interruptions and seclusion is required for a staycation close to beaches and water activities. Away from the bustle of the city, start your day with a swim in your private pool on your property. After a long and enjoyable day filled with captivating night parties on the beach, the evening should come to a close. This should be done by relaxing in a gazebo with a bonfire to keep you warm. Ekostay is pleased to provide private pool villas in Candolim, Anjuna, North Goa, and many more great spots throughout Goa. All these amenities enhance the pleasure of your stay.

Aqua Beach Villa

Say hello to this luxurious homestay located a stone’s throw away from the beach. The Aqua Beach Villa in Candolim is a 4 BHK Villa suitable for small groups traveling to Goa for tranquility and serenity, but also for fun and adventure. The interiors are vibrant and eclectic yet provide you with all the familiarity of a home. See the most gorgeous sunsets from your balcony or while sipping on your favorite cocktail by a magnificent private pool of your own right by the beachfront.

Whip up some delicious meals in the kitchen or just order some food and make a picnic out of it on the lawns. Party your heart out or unwind at Ekostay Aqua Beach in Candolim, Goa.

Soho Villa

Surrounded by stunning frondescence, this nature-hugging Soho villa is an ideal getaway for chilly weekends amidst spectacular views. The home has been designed to allow plenty of sunlight to flood in. While the interiors are beautifully designed, the outdoors are perhaps even more enticing, with large, open areas of greenery and canopies of trees breaking the sunlight. The design integrates the outdoors with a large pool surrounded by a rim of trees and plants around the premises. There are 3 bedrooms, a pool, and a lit-up pool deck at this property in Candolim, complete with calming pastel colors and contemporary furnishings.

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