The best time to visit Panchgani is after September through May when the monsoons have subsided. Winters at Panchgani touch a cool 12°C and the summers are relatively cool as well. Panchgani is essentially a year-round destination – hence even during the monsoons, families and tourists alike frequent this place, losing themselves in the smell of wet earth and the ethereal beauty of lush greenery. But winters here are magical with all the dew and mists, we’re sure you don’t want to miss that. With EKO STAY, avail the best villas in panchgani, and be rest assured about the quality and service of the stay.


Whether you’re a first-time traveler or the quintessential backpacker, the quaint hills of Panchgani have a great deal to offer everyone. With EKOSTAY – Infinity Villa in Panchgani witness the dreamlike sunset beyond distant hills, enjoy a fun session of a board game, have a leisurely swim in villas in Panchgani with pool, or if you’re up to something a little more adventurous – Paragliding. You will never run out of options here! Panchgani is easily one of the finest paragliding locations found in Western India. Situated at an elevation of 4500 ft, the breathtaking valleys, refreshing breeze, and mesmerizing scenery will help you experience an exquisite visual treat.


Let your eyes devour the peaceful retreat, best viewed during the monsoons. Perhaps the most iconic, the Table Land is a vast expanse of flat plateau formation fit for adrenaline junkies to indulge in exciting activities like horse riding and parasailing. If you’re a nature lover, private villa in panchgani is the place to be. Panchgani is dotted with several quaint villas that let us experience old charm along with modern convenience. EKOSTAY offers the best villas in panchgani for rent, and tourists looking to have some quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of large cities, can spend their weekends here.


A lesser-known fact is that Panchgani boasts of a highly pure atmosphere, with a very low level of pollution. The climate this region provides is beneficial for people recovering from ailments such as allergies and asthma. It not only heals the body but also rejuvenates the mind. People especially those infected with tuberculosis should come down here for a pleasurable recovery. EKOSTAY – Fairview Villa in panchgani is a rustic villa with an endearing ambiance that gives you an old-world charm with modern conveniences in Mahableshwar. EKOSTAY FAIRVIEW VILLA in Panchgani is a gorgeous 4BHK Villa with a dedicated balcony area and an outdoor lawn area that makes you feel right at home. Flowers, mountains, and the sound of nature are a few of the sights to behold around the villa. The dedicated garden area with a dining area which is beautifully set up in the garden area only is a feature of this Villa. And when you do wish to retire to your room, you can enjoy a soak in your bathtub.

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