Located in northwest Maharashtra, 171 kilometers from Mumbai and 210 kilometers from Pune, Nashik is the third-largest city in the state after Mumbai and Pune. It is also a city that has lured people from distant regions for hundreds of years. In fact, the antiquity of the city dates back to prehistoric times. Archaeological excavations carried out here on the banks of the river Godavari have revealed evidence of habitation from the Chalcolithic age dating back to approximately 1,400 – 1,300 BCE. Above all, it is the link that Nashik provides with the epic Ramayana that makes it so very significant to both, the faithful and the historians.

Nashik not only has an ethereal and spiritual quality about it but is also a touch point for tourists. This is because it has interesting forts and a unique center that offers courses in ‘vipassana’. It’s also one of the most up-and-coming cities in Maharashtra with a vibrant culture and entertainment ethos.

The villas at Ekostay, Nashik have all the modern amenities for a luxurious stay. Ekostay offers villas in nashik with pool to take a refreshing dip and spacious lawns and outdoor furniture to lounge around the breathtaking vistas with your loved ones. You can also avail of barbeque services available at all Ekostay villas in nashik on rent. So plan your quick weekend getaway and let your hair down in our luxurious nashik villas on rent at affordable prices.

The Ranch Villa

Ekostay The Ranch Villa in Nashik is a 4BHK Villa that is situated on a stud farm and boasts of an outhouse that has two bedrooms. It is a property like no other that will transport you to another world with its verdant lawns and swimming pool. With a mix of colonial, wooden, and modern interiors and exteriors that ooze an alluring charm. This beautiful property has an unmissable old-world charm complemented by modern amenities. Work up an appetite for a BBQ on the lawns and soak up the amazing views around with near and dear ones. One could watch the majestic surroundings that transform from brightly lit days to starry nights all day long.

The Stone Bridge Villa

Ekostay Stone Bridge Villa in Nashik is a 4 BHK home in the wine capital of the country, Nashik. Featuring soothing muted interiors, this property is equipped with modern amenities to ensure your utmost comfort. Soak in the uninterrupted hill views from the terrace and all the rooms. Dip your toes into the swimming pool or enjoy the cool breeze on the lush lawns, the choice is yours. There’s something charming about being surrounded by nature and its beauty. The balcony to relax on, and panoramic views make this an ideal getaway.

The Lily Villa

Ekostay Little Heaven Villa in Nashik, Maharashtra, overlooks the scenic and simplistic beauty of Maharashtra, which is both visually stunning and refreshingly serene. The experience of Maharashtra is diverse and rich woven into one gigantic quilt. With its bright interiors, bright- green lawns, and swimming pool to swim your worries away in, this 1BHK Villa makes for the perfect escape to the wine capital. Light up a bonfire here or enjoy a BBQ meal and enjoy the chilly, mystical evenings in Nashik.

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