Panchgani, often known as the “Land of Five Hills,” is a renowned hill town in Maharashtra. Panchgani, which is located distant from the busy metropolis of Mumbai, guarantees guests an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Panchgani roughly translates as “five hills.” The British found it to be the perfect summer vacation destination. The environment is clean and unpolluted, and the climate is consistent and comfortable throughout the whole year. The area is awash in greenery and breathtaking panoramic splendor.

One of the most popular activities in Panchgani is paragliding, which has gained an enormous reputation. This location is a great place to go paragliding because of the clear skies, good winds, and magnificent hills, mountains, and picturesque valleys. There are several legitimate paragliding clubs where one may fly as high as possible or take courses at all skill levels, from novice to expert. While Bhilar, Khinger, and Tapola are a few other well-liked paragliding sites in Panchgani, the skyline point is believed to be the ideal location for paragliding. People planning their vacations here have many staycation options including villas in Panchgani with private pool on rent.

Without buying at the Shivaji Circle Market, your vacation to Panchgani would be sorely lacking. The markets specialize in selling different types of leather products and have acquired quite a reputation among both visitors and locals. Shivaji Circle provides you with a variety of goods that are of excellent quality and have distinctive designs. One of the finest things to do in Panchgani is shop at this market, which allows you to get anything from bags to wooden handicrafts, and spices to the renowned chikkis. 

If you want to explore the adventures that Panchgani has to offer, try a jeep safari tour that will take you to some of the most isolated yet fascinating places. Along with seeing a variety of animal species, you can take in the magnificent dawn and sunset vistas and the neighboring valley. This amazing trip is the perfect recipe for a pleasant day out with the family or a romantic date. The experienced and courteous guide will provide you with insights into numerous places. This 3-hour trek will allow you to make a wealth of memories with your loved ones. 

Wheelz Amusement Park, which is nestled in the Panchgani valley, is the ideal place for tourists of all kinds to relax. There are numerous entertainment options available in the park, including rides, indoor games, and a scary house. You may visit the on-site pure-vegetarian restaurant or simply order at your luxury villas in Panchgani to unwind after a fun day of rides and eat some scrumptious meals and beverages. Children can have fun on the Baby Train and Sun n Moon, while adults can enjoy rides like Freelfall, Zyclone, and Octopus. The Ferris wheel, Rainbow, Break Dance, Mono Train, Tsunami, striking vehicle, and Garden Play area are a few of the many attractions that add to the park’s allure. Make sure to enjoy some rides here while participating in the many Panchgani attractions! Ekostay offers a wide range of villas in Panchgani with private pool available on rent for you tu relax after a tiring day.  

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