Why is earth the only planet with life on it? How is earth the only planet to have ‘An

Ecosystem’ on it? Such complex questions are sure to cross our minds once in a while but

what matters the most is our outlook on these questions. As humans, we share an intimate

bond with nature. The human–nature relationship goes beyond the extent to which an

individual believes or feels they are a part of nature. Nature plays a fundamental role in

human life, for example, the enjoyment that we get from taking a walk in the woods or

simply listening to birds chirping on the lawn.


With Ekostay, we plan to connect you with this soulmate of ours that we tend to forget in our

everyday hustle. There’s no well-being without nature’s well-being. The climate crisis,

wildlife emergency, and Covid-19 pandemic show that the existing relationship between

people and the rest of nature is broken. To fix this we need a new relationship with nature

where Ekostay plans to help you build it.

Our ambition is to make people happier and more fulfilled in a thriving environment created

by forging a new relationship with nature. Ekostay caters to all the homestay audience for

their holidays in touristy cities. We thrive in providing hygienic, cozy, affordable as well as

luxurious homestay options with private and common pools across 150 + cities.


India is a landscape of incredible beauty. That’s no secret. We want to make neighborhood

travel, weekend getaway, conscious travel, and the choice to go places in India more

accessible. At the price of a short stay, one can enjoy a long getaway. Your search for an

exclusive wide range of apartments, not so heavy on the pocket ends right here! Take your

pick from the mellow, affordable apartments that Ekostay offers you with a quality stay



If it is on your bucket list, it’s on ours too. Once you choose Ekostay, we will take that off

your plate. We train our staff and empower them with local connections to avoid any

shortcomings while hosting you. With the expertise and ability to cater to guests and their

requirements, your concerns will always be in the right hands. Your experiences are not

limited to adventure alone, we pick the best spots and curate the most memorable moments

for you.


We take pride in offering a dedicated host to every guest for a more customized experience.

Hassle-free booking. Instant confirmation. Dedicated host for your end-to-end voyage. For

the well-being of people and the rest of the natural world, we reboot our policies and

practices on a timely basis so that they enable people to connect with nature.

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