Urban life offers our different advantages. From the groceries being delivered to you at your doorstep or order a hot meal with 3 clicks, we have lived a sheltered life with all the amenities made simpler for us. Because of this, we are used to not getting our hands dirty, shy away from living in the countryside and wouldn’t understand why rusticliving is the way of life. Farm fresh produce, working from nature are just some of the few perks of rustic living. Here’s a list of 8 Rustic Villas that give you the countryside feels :

  1. Fairview Villa, Mahableshwar 

A rustic villa with an endearing ambiance that gives you an old world charm with modern conveniences in Mahableshwar. Fairview Villa is a gorgeous 4BHK Villa with a dedicated balcony area, outdoor lawn area that makes you feel right at home. Flowers, mountains and sound of nature are few of the sights to behold around the villa. The dedicated garden area with a dining  area which is beautiful set up in the garden area only is a feature of this Villa. And when you do wish to retire to your room, you can enjoy a soak in your bathtub.

  1. Sun Montana Villa, Alibaug

An opulent Portuguese villa flaunting minimalist interiors and a rustic charm surrounded by greenery  is what Sun Montana Villa is all about. A 5BHK Villa with a private pool and a gazebo area that is perfect to host big family gatherings,celebratory events or  just hangout with friends. This is the perfect home for unwinding at any time of the day !

  1. Brickstone Villa, Igatpuri 

Fall into the dreamy island of fantasy at Brickstone Villa, a rustic 4BHK Villa with modern amenities and your own private pool to complete the space outside where you can relax whilst enjoying the views Igatpuri has to offer. The terrace provides you with the most serene atmosphere you would get all year round. 

  1. Oakwood Villa, Bhimtal 

A gorgeous, contemporary home that provides you with a panoramic view of the Bhimtal Lake is Oakwood Villa. This 8BHK Villa situated in Bhimtal has spacious rooms, rustic decor and is designed to make you feel comfortable in any cozy nook in this Villa. Rest amidst the fresh breeze in the garden, with a hot beverage or enjoy a delicious barbeque meal on the terrace and take in the majestic views of the hills paired with picturesque skies.   

  1. Lilac Cottage, Bhimtal

Nestled in the mountains of Bhimtal is the tastefully designed Lilac Cottages that provide you with views of the lake, mountains and access to the beautiful lawn outfront. This 4BHK Villa has a rustic world charm to it because of it’s wooden interiors and cozy corners make you feel at home instantly. This property is the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones to spend time with your favorites. 

  1. Hillcrest Villa, Dehradun

Built with a gorgeous stone facade, modern decor and situated in a picturesque location is 3 BHK Hillcrest Villa, Dehradun. Spread across a vast expanse of abundant greenery, this villa echoes a hint of rustic charm. Guests can play various board games, chess, carrom and badminton or request for a bonfire to warm up their evenings, at an additional cost.  Bathe yourself in the different colors of a sunset or just light up the fireplace and unwind with your beloved ones

  1. Magnolia Home, Shimla 

Perched on a hilltop in Kawalag Village in Shimla, Magnolia Home is a beautiful and rustic 5 BHK Villa. The location guarantees uninterrupted mountain views. The Villa gives a peaceful vibe that lets you bond over conversations and games. 

Enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones and catch stunning views of the Himalayan forest from any part of this gorgeous homestay. Sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer in the city that is fondly called “ Queen of the Hills” .

  1. Jade Fort Villa, Udaipur

Jade Fort Villa, a 4 BHK private homestay situated on a farmhouse surrounded by abundant greenery. The villa has colorful, vibrant interiors that are accessorized with expensive artifacts, paintings and rustic-chic furniture. Ideal for couples, small groups or families to spend long winding evenings that turn to starry night under the vast blue expanse of a sky. Nothing short of an indescribable experience and a truly unique escape, you may check-out from Jade Fort but this home will never leave you. 

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