Pre-Covid, an employee working from home was an alien concept and something that was not particularly a cult-favorite concept. For most part of 2020 all the way upto 2022, it has been the only way to work. 

Now working in the past meant, white offices, plain desks, views of other office buildings as your view. Working from a remote location in comparison meant hill views, flowery gardens, aesthetically pleasing interiors and delicious fresh food all day long. All this and much more at your workcation villa is available to you so that you can work in peace and with a view! We’ve handpicked our best villas, homestays and apartments depending on the city you’re from and could work from ,i.e. your dream work space and when you want to unwind at the end of the day, a chill vibe is what you get!

  1. Octagon Farm Villa, Lonavala

Octagon Farm Villas is a majestic 8BHK Villa with a private pool perfect to start your mornings with. It’s muted interiors are vibrantly lit brightening up the space and its horse stable situated on the property is just one of the added highlights here for animal lovers. Wake up to the roosters clucking as your morning alarm for your work and settle into the lawns to work with a view. 

This is the perfect private villas in Lonavala for a weekend getaway with family and friends with its lush green views, comfortable ambience and serene surroundings, is your ideal choice.

  1. Infinity Villa, Panchgani

Infinity Villa, Panchgani is a 5BHK getaway set against the breathtaking mountains of Panchgani, an infinity pool of your own and ample space to lounge around and enjoy the different nooks of this cozy homestay.

The villa has minimal interiors with modern accents. What’s more ? Guests can enjoy their morning cup of tea on the balcony or just lounge around on the terrace watching the mesmerising sunsets. Besides you could enjoy your meals by the bonfire, indulge in a BBQ session or just dip your feet in the infinity pool while working with the panoramic view of the hills that surround you

  1. Amber House, Pushkar 

Carry a peaceful read while indoors or soak in the lush greenery outdoors at 6BHK Amber House, Pushkar.  Bonfires, barbecues and open-dining are just a few experiences that await you here, also here perfect postcard shots are right at your fingertips.  While the indoors are cozy and hard to leave, the classic interiors with pops of color and Rajasthani elements, make it your classy new office! Just take in the perfect ambience or while you enjoy the forest views through the French windows while making your presentation.

  1. Woodside Ivy, Ooty 

Watch white dense swirling clouds, descend upon you at Woodside Ivy, Ooty. The 3BHK property is located on a cliff overlooking the valley with a 360 degree view which is surrounded by a tea estate which is not the only plus point of this property. This gorgeous property offers you scenic views from every room,so take along a your partner or closest work buddy to enjoy your most gorgeous workcation ever. The garden area along with the facade of the house is going to transport you back to the colonial era. There are various indoor and outdoor games here to keep you entertained, after a long day of work.

  1. Specter Villa, Panchgani 

Situated in the midst of the mountainous Panchgani, let us transport you to another dimension with Specter Villa, so you could have the most tranquil work environment you’ve ever experienced. The views from the home are mesmerising enough for you to leave all your worries aside and just enjoy the weather. A 4BHK Villa with your own private pool to dip your toes into. Bask in the tranquil ambience of Panchgani, while enjoying your meals by the bonfire, indulge in a BBQ session, relish a hearty meal by the pool area. 

  1. Eclipse Villa, Karjat 

Ever dreamt of a charming getaway in a place known for its scenic natural panoramas, huge mountains and idyllic weather that also doubles up as the perfect work setup for you? Eclipse Villa, Karjat is the perfect place to make this a reality for you. The 3BHK Villa with it’s charming interiors and private pool is ideal for you to unwind in or just soak in the Instagrammable views from every corner of this homestay.

  1. Rosewood Villa, Munnar

Tired of the city’s hustle- bustle ? 5BHK Rosewood Villa, Munnar is the perfect place where the forest peeks into all the rooms, so you are never too far away from a breathtaking view. With the extensive balcony that provides you with magnificent views of the hills, it is one of the spots we’d recommend you to soak in with a steaming hot cuppa and your laptop so you could peak at the views every time your eyes got too strained from working.

  1. Tropical Apartments, Uttan 

Tropical Beach Apartments, Uttan gives you mesmerizing sea views, an outdoor pool and solitude all while being in the outskirts of Mumbai city. This serviced studio apartment gives you the fun Goa vibes. The balcony is a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or dine-in in the evening. Unwind with your beloved at our cozily furnished apartment getaway for when work feels hectic but you need an immediate change of workplace.

  1. Casa Zul, Alibaug

Casa Zul  is a dreamy 3BHK Villa away from the commotion of the city, in the Mumbai version of the Hamptons, Alibaug. Whether you choose to lounge and soak in the sun in the outdoor private pool or gorge on BBQ meals surrounded by a bonfire to warm you in the nights at an additional charge, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to extend your work holiday to stay back here a little longer. This private villa in Alibaug, which is at a few minutes distance from Thal Beach, is all about a sun-kissed tropical getaway with it’s beautiful lawns and pool, in the comfort of a getaway home.

Work in any room here or just sit out in the lawns and soak in the fresh breezes that inspire you with each gust. Take in the most breathtaking views from the rolling hills of Bhimtal with your beloved ones. 

  1. Bloomingdale Villa, Bangalore

Bloomingdale Villa, Bangalore is comfortable enough to be homelike but yet fancy enough to be worth a working getaway. Surrounded by palm trees, scenic views and serenity, this 2BHK Villa is a must visit. The ample common area in the hall is perfect to play indoor games with loved ones or just play a game of catch in the space in the hall, splash around in the pool or simply lounge on the lawn and soak in some Vitamin D while taking your work calls.

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