The ethos of Maharashtra is urban, forward-thinking, progressive, and vibrant. Maharashtra has a lengthy coastline that runs along to the Arabian Sea and is naturally protected by the mountain ranges. It boasts a tropical monsoon climate, extensive and diverse forests, and tiger reserves and national parks. Shores, forts, mountain peaks, and wildlife reserves and reservoirs and waterfalls, are among Maharashtra’s many tourist attractions. Many hill stations like Lonavala, Alibaug, Karjat, Igatpuri, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar, Wada are well known throughout India and the nicest thing is that they are frequently located near a city. Ekostay presents luxurious villas in Maharshtra for a fun filled and secluded staycation. Maharashtra’s experience is vast and rich in diverse cultures, all of which are woven together into one enormous quilt. The tourist will definitely be captivated by the miles of magnificent, white beaches that extend along the Western coast. Ekostay offers a wide range of beautiful villas in Maharashtra with pools in every hill station and town. So relax and enjoy your trip in Maharashtra villas with Ekostay.

Casablanca Villa

Our 4BHK Ekostay Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri, Maharashtra,  has an amazing pool with incredible submerged seats, stretching with surreal views of valleys and beautiful foliage. Soaking in the quietude pool next to a beautiful pool hammock with a warm gazebo and a plush outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a blend of elaborate and contemporary interior decor. Spend an exciting evening playing billiards and poker in this luxury and beautiful villa that we have provided for you!

Ranch Villa

Ekostay The Ranch Villa in Nashik, Maharashtra is a 4BHK villa located on a stud farm with a two-bedroom outhouse. It is a one-of-a-kind property that will take you to another universe with its lush lawns and swimming pool. The interiors and exteriors are a blend of colonial, wooden, and modern styles that exude an enticing charm. This lovely residence exudes an unmistakable old-world charm, with modern amenities make up for the present-day goodness.

Infinity Villa

Ekostay Infinity Villa in Panchgani, Maharashtra is a 5 BHK retreat nestled against the gorgeous Panchgani mountains with your own infinity pool and plenty of space to laze around and enjoy the various nooks of this lovely homestay. The villa’s interiors are minimalist with modern elements. Aside from that, you can eat your meals around a bonfire, have a BBQ, or simply relax in the infinity pool. You can come here with your family and friends, or even your four-legged companions, and let your hair down.

Casa Zul

Alibaug’s Ekostay Casa Zul is a lovely 3 BHK Villa away from the city’s hubbub. It’s impossible to see why you wouldn’t want to prolong your vacation to remain here a bit longer, whether you choose to lounge in the sun in the outdoor private pool or gorge on BBQ dinners surrounded by a bonfire to keep you warm in the evenings for an additional fee. This luxurious villa, located just minutes from Thal Beach, is all about a sun-kissed tropical escape, complete with gorgeous gardens and pool, in the luxury of a getaway home. It is the perfect haven after a day spent outdoors.

Book these exquisite luxury villas in Maharashtra for a getaway filled with fun and joy with your loved ones!

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