Holidays = Memories = Photos ! Chaotic selfies with friends to stunning sunrise and sunset photos for uploading to Facebook and Instagram, pictures make up the next biggest part of your vacations. So here are Ekostay’s top ten most Instagrammable properties. These mesmerising villas are photo-ready for you and your camera !

1. Kufri Chalet, Kufri

Unending mountainscapes, distinct decor and a serene location are all possible at the Kufri Chalet, Kufri. This cozy  property is in the centre of lush greenery with views soothing your eyes all the way upto the horizon. Get together with all your friends and family and get away from all the stress and enjoy the most serene atmosphere with the perfect bonfire. The lighting, the chalet itself and the snow make for the most amazing props for your image worth a 1000 words and 1000 likes.

2.     Octagon Farms Villa, Lonavala

Octagon Farms Villa is a majestic 8 BHK Villa with a private pool perfect to start your mornings with. It’s muted interiors are vibrantly lit brightening up the space and its horse stable situated on the property is just one of the added highlights here for animal lovers. Panorama photos of the hills around or boomerangs of the fog setting in or even the poolside make for amazing images and videos and we’re sure we will find these on as your profile photo on social media.

3. Woodside Ivy, Ooty

Watch white dense swirling clouds, descend upon you at Woodside Ivy, Ooty. The 3 BHK property located on a cliff overlooking the valley with a 360 degree view which is surrounded by a tea estate which is not the only plus point of this property. This gorgeous property offers you scenic views from every room. The garden area along with the facade of the house is going to transport you back to the colonial era. The old-world charm of this villa would result in gorgeous sepia filtered images.

4. Infinity Villa, Panchgani

Infinity Villa, Panchgani is a 5 BHK getaway set against the breathtaking mountains of Panchgani, an infinity pool of your own and ample space to lounge around and enjoy the different nooks of this cozy homestay. The villa has minimal interiors with modern accents. What’s more ? Guests can enjoy their morning cup of tea on the balcony or just lounge around on the terrace watching the mesmerising sunsets. Get snapped in the infinity pool with the views of the mountains in the background to make for the perfect wallpaper for you.

5.     Bloomsbury Villa, Dehradhun

Bloomsbury Villa,Dehradhun is your 4 BHK private sanctuary surrounded by lush mountains and sounds of nature. Designed to let Nature spill in, you can touch the stars at night literally, while the place brims with butterflies, birds and trees during the day. This opulent home with it’s vibrant interiors and chill vibes will appeal to anyone who treasures the finer things in life. Every nook in this villa is perfect for a quirky, fun backdrop for your photos

6.     Jungle Creek Villa, Idduki

Jungle Creek Villa, Idukki is as much a part of the land as it is part of the surrounding evergreen forests around. This 6 BHK cozy homestay is engulfed in the best of nature to provide you with the peace you have been searching for. Set up a bonfire and enjoy the ambience you are surrounded in or just relax in the gazebo and search for stars on clear, starry nights as a way to pass time. Every spot here is perfect for that selfie !

7.     Amber House, Pushkar

Soak in the lush greenery outdoors at 6BHK Amber House, Pushkar.  Bonfires, barbecues and open-dining are just a few experiences that await you here, also here perfect postcard shots are right at your fingertips.  While the indoors are cozy and hard to leave, the outdoors are equally inviting, it will be tough to decide where you want that family photo to be taken !

8.     Casa Polo, Alibaug

The untouched beach paradise of Alibaug is home to our 3BHK Casa Polo. Ideal for a quick but lavish getaway, this Portuguese styled villa enveloped by lush greenery and a private pool perfect for your next photo- op.

9.     The Ranch Villa, Nashik

The Ranch Villa is a 4BHk Villa that is situated on a stud farm and boasts of an outhouse and is a property like no other that will transport you to another world with it’s emerald lawns and swimming pool. With a mix of colonial, wooden and modern interiors and exteriors that ooze an alluring charm, every corner of this property is photo ready.

10.  Gatsby Villa, Lonavala

Gatsby Villa, Lonavala is a dreamy 3 BHK with spacious, modern interiors effortlessly complement the sprawling, vibrant exteriors complete with a private pool and garden area. The 3 BHK Villa offers mesmerising views of the surrounding mountains and unending greenery. Adorned with baroque interiors, a gazebo with fairylights and gorgeous wallpapers, you will never tire of taking photos here!

Go ahead and visit these specially curated villas for you, that are some of the most photogenic villas and homestays we have. The perfect venue for a party, relaxed weekend or romantic getaway is right here at your fingertips. Do it for the happiness, do it for the ‘gram or do it for the memories !

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