Alibaug,a peaceful town and a haven at such a close distance from Mumbai city by ferry. The beautiful sandy beaches of Alibaug with its historical heritage, has made the place immensely popular among tourists from all parts of Maharashtra, India and abroad. The private pool villas and homestays here let you enjoy the coastal ambience of Alibaug at your own pace. Here are 5 things you could do in Alibaug to have a good time!

·        A Boat Ride To The Murud Janjira Fort

Murud is renowned for its expansive sandy beaches, which are encircled by beautiful forts and palms and coconut trees, forming the ideal holiday setting. A visit to the fort is a highlight of the trip. It is possible to travel by sailboat, which is both intriguing and lovely. Murud-sea Janjira’s fort is one of India’s most distinctive and gorgeous forts. It is located in Maharashtra’s Raigad district and is flanked on all sides by the Arabian Sea. Casa Royale is Ekostay’s own little fortress in Alibaug with a charming courtyard that welcomes you into the spacious villa, which has a magnificent view of the sunset and slopes down to the garden and pool area. Your group can enjoy playing cricket or other outdoor games on the expansive lawn, which also includes a private pool.

·       Hirakot Lake

Hirakot Fort, a magnificent freshwater fort with a beautiful garden surrounding it, is a scenic wonder not to be missed. Visitors come to see the tranquilly and enjoy pleasant and serene hours there. You may also walk to the nearby Hirakot Fort and various other Alibaug tourist attractions, which are all within a reasonable distance as the Lake Front Villa which as the name suggests has blooming palm trees and lovely lake views on both sides of the property. The next stop for any group wishing to unwind and rest amid the serenity of nature.

·       Beaches everywhere!

Alibaug is known for its various beaches, all of which are only a few minutes’ drive apart, so you won’t have to worry about picking which beach to visit and which to skip. The most popular beach in Alibaug is, of course, Alibaug Beach, which gives a breathtaking view of not just the dawn and sunset, but also the Kolaba Fort, which can be reached via a short boat ride. And we can’t think of a finer way to spend a morning if you enjoy cycling and leading an active lifestyle – think sunrises over the Sea by the beach at tea stalls with just the sea breeze for company. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the centre of nature by the beach, Sea Breeze Villa is the ideal property for you . The property has a homestay feel to it rather than a villa in the heart of Alibaug.

·       Adventure and sea sports

Alibaug Beachs offers exciting water activities. There are endless possibilities for fun and entertainment, from parasailing to kayaking to a Banana Boat ride or scuba diving. Indeed, your presence in all of these activities will make for a wonderful day of relaxation, pleasure, and frolic. The thrill seekers can even try their hand at jet skiing. After a day filled with thrilling activities , when you want to lounge around private pool or gorge on BBQ meals surrounded by a bonfire to keep you warm in the evenings, this extravagant home ends your search for a villa in Alibaug, Casa Zul located just minutes from Thal Beach, is all about a sun-kissed tropical getaway with its stunning lawns and pool, all in the comfort of a getaway home.

·       Take a break and Trek

Trekking around the forts and experiencing the lush forests around Sagargad Fort and the majestic Siddheshwar Waterfall all in one place, are two more exciting activities to do in Alibaug. The walk is really picturesque, that has plenty of greenery (almost forest-like) and opportunities to see numerous estuaries and rivulets. It’s a fascinating adventure, especially during monsoon season. For a perfect trek you need a perfect stay and we are ecstatic to present the Sun Montana Villa, the  decor of this villa, a magnificent Portuguese property with minimalist design, splashes of colour, and contemporary furnishings, will carry you to a blissful vacational feeling. It oozes elegance, serenity, and a relaxed vibe. There are 5 bedrooms on the property, and even a magnificent pool and a lit-up pool deck, a perfect spot to unwind after a long day of trekking, making it an ideal choice for a private pool villa in Alibaug

In the mood for some adventure? Explore Alibaug’s neighbouring beauties, filled with plenty to absorb. Sasawane, one of the finest addresses around, is just 10 minutes from the jetty. While Kihim Beach promises white sands, Kashid is where some of the most lavish beachfront estates are found. So take your pick!

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