Did you not get to go on your year-end annual vacation you normally go for? Take the plunge and head to the Hampton’s version of Mumbai as described by the city’s elite. 

Alibaug is a small city in Raigad quarter of Maharashtra, India. This city is located in western seacoast with strands spread across its area. There are some well known and most visited strands similar as Alibaug Beach, Kihim Beach, Akshi Beach, Thal Beach, Kashid Beach, Nagaon Beach and Revdanda Beach. The main lodestones are Kolaba Fort, Agarkot Fort and Korlai Fort. 

Unravel your stress here and unwind at the beach coastal town and get away from the fast paced life of the city. The Alibaug beaches have a history of being a prime attraction for innumerable shoots for popular movies. This coastal town promises an engaging and exploratory trip that will leave you wanting for more. Let us provide you with a list of things as to why Alibaug is a great destination to spend holidays with friends and family.

  • Antiquated Charm 

With Alibaug changing over the years, one thing that has become better in recent times is the travel route and time to Alibaug. The roads are well maintained and the new jetty is convenient. But it is the rustic and antiquated charm of this coastal town that draws you to Alibaug. Other than beaches and the coastal ambience, Alibaug offers fresh air and trekking trails, in different parts of the town. If you wish to retreat to a homestay or villas in Alibaug we have the perfect option for you 3BHK Casa Polo sitting amidst the palm and coconut trees of Alibaug at a close proximity from Kihim beach too if you wish to go wade in the water.

  • Big Escape

With a city life that seems almost inescapable, Alibaug “ the mini-Goa of Mumbai” provides the ideal escape by being so approachable with a jetty that have endless ferry rides that get you back and forth from Mumbai city. A 45minute one-way journey is your most sureshot way to reach tropical paradise at ease. 3BHK Sea Breeze Villa is a private pool Villa in Alibaug at a 50 mt distance for Sasawane Beach is a homestay nestled near a beach, enjoy a relaxing getaway at this opulent villa amidst dense palm trees, private pool and a vibrant garden.

  • Immerse Yourself in Nature

Even the most adrenaline filled being could just come to Alibaug to get one with nature. While being nestled in verdant greenery, there are so many elements of nature that you can get from the outdoors, indoors by creating living spaces that are a juxtaposition of art, nature, comfort and contemporary- vintage mix of architecture. You don’t just come to stay in Alibaug, you come to experience it. Villas and homestays in Alibaug are not hard to come across and one the options are 5BHK Sun Montana Villa which is inclusive of a ground plus 1st floor private structure and a swimming pool for you to bask in the tropical sun of this coastal town. 

In the mood for some adventure? Explore Alibaug’s neighbouring beauties around, filled with plenty to absorb. Sasawane, one of the finest addresses around Alibaug, is just 10 minutes from the jetty. While Kihim Beach promises white sands, Kashid is where some of the most lavish beachfront estates are found. So take your pick!

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