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Discover the newly opened Luxury Villas in North Goa with Private Pools

Nestled along the pristine coastline of the Arabian Sea, North Goa has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and luxurious getaways. Known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and historic charm, this region of India offers a unique blend of relaxation and excitement. If you’re looking for the ultimate escape, look no further than the newly launched villas in North Goa, each equipped with a private pool for an unparalleled experience of opulence and comfort.

Discover North Goa’s Allure

North Goa is a paradise for those who seek a diverse range of experiences. The sun-kissed beaches such as Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, and Baga Beach draw in visitors from around the world with their golden sands and azure waters. Beyond the coastline, the region is dotted with historic forts, bustling markets, and serene temples, providing a glimpse into the rich heritage and culture of Goa. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, North Goa caters to every whim.

Luxury Villas in North Goa with Private Pools

Introducing Ekostay Casa Marina and Ekostay Casa Pino

As you plan your escape to North Goa, why settle for ordinary accommodations when you can immerse yourself in the lap of luxury? Ekostay, a renowned name in offering exquisite holiday experiences, presents two newly launched villas in the heart of Candolim, one of North Goa’s most sought-after locations. These villas promise not only lavish interiors and top-notch amenities but also the exclusivity of a private pool, taking your vacation to the next level.


  1. Ekostay Casa Marina

Situated within the vibrant neighborhood of Candolim, Ekostay Casa Marina is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends modern design with traditional Goan aesthetics. Step into a world of elegance as you’re greeted by spacious interiors adorned with tasteful decor, providing a perfect blend of comfort and style. The villa features a private pool where you can unwind while soaking in the Goan sun. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, Ekostay Casa Marina offers ample space to create cherished memories.

  1. Ekostay Casa Pino

Adjacent to Casa Marina, Ekostay Casa Pino offers another level of luxury with its distinctive charm. The villa showcases meticulous attention to detail, from the elegant architecture to the carefully curated furnishings. The highlight of this villa is undoubtedly the private pool, inviting you for leisurely swims and moments of pure relaxation. With multiple bedrooms and a well-appointed kitchen, Ekostay Casa Pino caters to those who seek both privacy and convenience.

Unwind and Embrace Luxury of North Goa Villas

When it comes to a vacation in North Goa, the experience is only as good as the accommodation you choose. Ekostay Casa Marina and Ekostay Casa Pino stand as shining examples of opulence, comfort, and exclusivity. The allure of North Goa’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes combined with the indulgence offered by these newly launched villas make for an unforgettable holiday.


                                                                            Book Your Escape Today!

As the sun sets over the Arabian Sea and the golden sands of North Goa beckon, make your way to Ekostay’s Casa Marina and Casa Pino for an experience that redefines luxury. Whether you’re lounging by your private pool, exploring the historic sights, or reveling in the local cuisine, these villas promise a vacation like no other. Embrace the essence of North Goa in its truest form and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your stay today and embark on a journey of relaxation, indulgence, and wonder in the heart of North Goa’s vibrant Candolim.


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