It’s time to move out and enjoy the chill because winter is just around the corner. With nice and chilly weather around in December, these intriguing locations in India in December can transform your ordinary journey into the fresh experience you’ve been searching for. To make winter epic, we have the top spots to visit in India in December. These stunning areas are well-known for a variety of things, so one cannot pass up the chance to experience the best vistas and partake in thrilling activities at the same time.


Winter in Alibaug starts in the month of November and continues till February. The place becomes very cold during this time and the minimum temperature reaches up to 14 degrees Celsius. Enjoy the beaches as the weather gets dry and cold. A stay at a well-appointed property gives you the perfect setting to snuggle up and unwind in a relaxing atmosphere. 7BHK Casa De Atlantis in Alibaug is an extremely well-appointed luxury villa nestled amidst sprawling lush greenery and panoramic views. Comfortable seating, a massive glistening pool, and modern décor make it an ideal place to host and relax with friends and family.


Given the high volume of tourists that the state receives in the winter, this may be the ideal season to travel to Tamil Nadu. There was little rain, low humidity, a light breeze, and a reasonable temperature. The winter season in Tamil Nadu is the cause of everything. There are a few locations to stay for anyone contemplating a winter trip to Tamil Nadu. One such location is Woodside Ivy in Ooty, where you can watch white, swirling clouds come down on you. A tea estate surrounds the three-bedroom property, which is situated on a cliff with a 360-degree view of the valley. However, this is not the only benefit.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal has long been a favorite destination for hikers who are passionate about hills and wilderness. Its vast and snow-capped hills, also charm lone travelers, backpackers, and several others in December. Farms and beautiful views as far as the eye can see surround the 3BHK Frost Berry Villa in Solan, which is situated in the magnificent Barog Hills. You can recharge your batteries in a cozy, secluded, and serene environment at this Villa. Take a stroll around the property and take in the best that nature has to offer or unwind by the bonfire while taking in the mountain breeze in the tranquil balcony garden.


Kerala, the land of God, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, which include endless rows of exquisite coconut trees, mountain ranges that kiss the magnificent blue sky and caress the gentle seas, and shimmering backwaters. The opulent 4 BHK Ekostay Riveria Villa in Alleppey‘s standout features include its exceptional setting in the backwaters, its heritage timber interiors that are sure to take you back in time, and the villa’s river view. You can enjoy any meal you like on the riverside patio here. It is the ideal vacation spot for you and your loved ones to unwind in the peace of the backwaters.

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