India provides a wealth of wonderful locations for newlyweds to create life-long memories. It is frequently said that when you are with your loved one, everywhere is beautiful. Everything seems new, and what is a better way to start this ‘new’ life with a trip with your beloved? With a diverse range of honeymoon destinations in India, it can often become challenging to select the one perfect place that would be an escape for just the two. On such an auspicious occasion in life, it is always a good idea to add some strokes of love and affection to it. Below we present our top picks for your perfect honeymoon.

  1. Goa

A beach paradise, well known to everybody. This little state in West India is well known for its abundance of stunning beaches, delicious seafood, exciting nightlife, and water sports. Book our  Aqua Beach Villa in Candolim, just a stone’s throw away from the beach, which will ensure you spend that quality time together.

  1. Igatpuri

Looking for a place near Maharashtra? If fresh air and elevation make you feel at home and in heaven, Igatpuri’s mountains and valleys are calling! Explore Igatpuri instead of your usual villas in Alibaug bungalows or Karjat homestays. Outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, and rafting will appeal to you. Spend some time relaxing at one of our Ekostay villas in Igatpuri with a pool.

  1. Ooty

A scenic landscape of blue hills and lush greenery, all parts of the city of Ooty provide a variety of unforgettable memories. With stunning tea gardens surrounding you, Ooty is perfect for taking in the tranquility of nature and enjoying the tranquility of the ambiance. Out of all the places to visit in Ooty and all the activities to indulge in, a staycation by the Tea Gardens needs to be on top of your bucket list. If you’re an adventurer, you can treat yourself to a nature walk or a hiking experience over here. For the old soul in you, there are warm bonfires that you’re sure to build memories of around Ekostay Villas.

  1. Kullu-Manali

Kullu-Manali, a Himalayan gift to the world, is a lovely township nestled in the picturesque Beas River valley. It is a rustic enclave known for its cool climate and snow-capped mountains, which provide solace, in fleeing the scorching heat of the plains. A staycation honeymoon amidst the beautiful valleys of Kullu’s soaring icy mountains offers a rustic and cozy atmosphere, complemented by panoramic views of the city and the tranquillity of nature. From stargazing on the patio in the chilly breeze to admiring the unforgettable views that Kullu has to offer, this honeymoon winter with villas in Kullu-Manali will be unlike any other snow you’ve ever seen.

  1. Rajasthan

When asked about Rajasthan Culture & Tradition quickly pop up in our minds without batting an eyelid. Rajasthan truly is a true mix of rituals, traditions, colors, and celebrations. A place with valuable memories and priceless moments. A stay here is sure to strengthen your bond. The picturesque land of Rajasthan is the place that beckons you to come and stay at villas in Rajasthan.

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