It sounds like a good idea to take a weekend trip with your furry closest buddies. Making arrangements for your pet can seem daunting, but we always go above and above for the people we care about. We might not always be able to take them on trips, and it can be difficult to locate a dog sitter every time. Even though it’s painful to leave your pet behind, there aren’t many places to stay that allow pets.

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We at EKOSTAY are excited to welcome you and your pets because, after all, don’t we all want our little furry friends to be as content as they make us? In order for you and your bestie to have a blast, we have put together a selection of pet-friendly villas close to Mumbai.

  • Igatpuri

A travel companion who makes you appreciate life and the little things, even more, is your furry best friend. Choose from a plethora of villas in Igatpuri that are pet-friendly and show them the good vacation life too!

  1. Brickstone Villa

Fall into the dreamy island of fantasy at Brickstone Villa, a rustic 4 BHK Villa with modern amenities and your private pool to complete the space outside where you can relax with your pet whilst enjoying the views Igatpuri has to offer. The terrace provides you with the most serene atmosphere you would get all year round and s just more space for you to lounge and your pet to run about in.

  1. Bougain Villa

Overlooking the scenic beauty of Maharashtra which is beautiful and refreshingly serene stands 5BHK Bougain Villa in Shahpur. Welcome aboard an experience that gives you a glimpse into this vibrant location with its private pool and modern structure with contemporary interiors giving the place the perfect feel. You can spend your alone time enjoying a lazy snooze in any corner of the house. Spend time with your loved ones and pet right by your side over tea and conversations. Take a walk about the trails here with your companion and soak in all that nature has to offer.

  • Karjat

Is no dog-sitter available? No worries we got you covered at our pet-friendly homes and villas in Karjat.

  1. Nest Villa

A luxurious Portuguese-styled house flaunting minimalist design with bursts of color and contemporary furnishing, the interiors of the villa will transport you to another destination altogether. It exudes elegance, peace, and a good vibe. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to extend your vacation here with your furry companion.

  1. Eclipse Villa

Ever dreamt of a charming getaway in a place known for its scenic natural panoramas, huge mountains, and idyllic weather? Eclipse Villa, Karjat is the perfect place to make this a reality for you and your pet. This 3 BHK luxury villa in Karjat with its charming interiors and private pool is ideal for you to unwind or just soak in the Instagrammable views from every corner of this homestay. Head over to our pet-friendly villas near Mumbai for the much-deserved and anticipated trip you want with your furry friend.

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