A romantic retreat from the rush of city life is Lonavala, a charming hill town at an elevation of 2,047 feet above sea level. Due to its comfortable environment, spectacular beauty, mediaeval castles, ancient caves, and lovely lagoons, it is India’s most popular tourist destination. Travellers, couples, families, and celebrities have all been attracted to this location by its beauty. It is always accessible and open to visitors. The monsoon season is the best time to see stunning lakes, lush scenery, and waterfalls. Given that it is encircled by the Sahayadri highlands, it is the perfect place for trekking and hiking.



One of the most popular weekend retreats for both tourists and locals is Bhushi Dam, located a few kilometres from Lonavala train station. A sizable natural water park that refreshes visitors is created by the dam’s pushing water and the surrounding lush mountains. It is really breathtaking to see the water from Bhushi Dam spill over a set of steps and then go over a rocky landscape. To appease the enormous number of tourists, tea, kachori, and other delicious snacks have been prepared.


The Botanical Garden was transformed into a park that was well-liked by those who enjoy the outdoors during the years of service of an English officer known as “Mr Rye.” The park’s 25 acres of well-maintained grounds include vast, well-kept grass and playgrounds where kids may play and have fun. Due to the clean seating areas, the big trees, and the opportunity to unwind with loved ones, it is a perfect destination for both tourists and residents. In addition to a variety of trees and flowers, the park’s grounds also house a mediaeval Shiva Temple.

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The heavily forested foothills of the Sahyadri’s Western Ghats are home to numerous rare species of plants and animals, many of which may be found in the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary’s unusual big Indian squirrel population is its most alluring feature. Jeep tours are offered so that visitors to the refuge can enjoy watching wild creatures roaming around in their natural settings. In addition, the mountainous terrain’s lush vegetation offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to engage with nature while wandering and enjoying the soothing sounds of many colourful birds.


Greater and higher than Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort is a substantial building that has endured for many years. There are old houses, wells, arches, and caves here. The two roofless structures that once served as the secretariat are notable among these. Because Hanuman was the patron deity of Visapur fort, there are many Hanuman shrines here. The well inside the fort was built by the Pandavas. It’s also interesting to view guns, some of which are from Queen Elizabeth’s time. Its trunnions, like with those of other weaponry on the fort, have been broken off. There are the remains of an old Mahadev shrine close by.

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