Maharashtra, a state with a tropical climate, has a blessed west coast with plenty of lush green activity. The presence of the Sahyadris has blessed India’s western coast with lovely flora, peaceful villages, and untouched tiny hamlets. Panchgani translates literally as “the land of five hills.” Needless to say, the Maharashtra hill station is encircled by hills on all five sides. If you want to see the enchantment of the lush green Sahyadris, Panchgani is the place to go in Maharashtra. Whether it’s the relaxing dewy hills of Lonavala or being encircled by five hills in Panchgani, Maharashtra provides some of the greatest hill stations for a weekend trip. We at Ekostay offer well-secured and safe, extremely clean villas overlooking breathtaking vistas. We provide accommodation in Alibaug, villas in lonavala with pool, and villas in panchgani and across Maharashtra.

A leisure destination ideal for a relaxed trip, or even a getaway with your family, there is always something for everyone. Ekostay’s panchgani villa on rent offers the timeless allure of a scenic landscape in the hill station of Panchgani, minutes from Pune and Mumbai. Putting our guests first, Ekostay strives to offer you the most out of your stay and experience while at Panchgani. Here are some of our lavish Panchgani Villas to upgrade the experience of your stay.

  1. Specter Villa in Panchgani

Let us transport you to another plane of existence with one of our finest villas in Panchgani Specter Villa, located in the heart of the mountainous Panchgani. The views from the house are captivating enough to make you forget about your worries and simply enjoy the weather. A 4-bedroom villa with your own private pool to cool off in. Bask in the peaceful atmosphere of Panchgani while savoring your meals by the bonfire, a BBQ session, or a hearty meal by the pool area.

  1. Infinity Villa in Panchgani

Infinity Villa in Panchgani is a 5BHK retreat set against the dazzling mountains of Panchgani. It has its own infinity pool and plenty of space to lounge around and enjoy the various nooks of this villa in Panchgani. The villa’s interiors are minimalist with modern accents. And what’s more? Guests can enjoy their morning cup of tea on the balcony or simply relax on the terrace while watching the breathtaking sunsets. Aside from that, you could eat your meals by the bonfire, indulge in a BBQ session, or simply relax in the infinity pool.

  1. Windsor Villa in Panchgani

An exquisite 4BHK villa in Panchgani with its own swimming pool overlooking lush emerald vistas of Panchgani. Take in the breathtaking sunrise from your attached room balconies while greeting the morning breeze with a whiff of holiday cheer. Windsor Villa is an ideal combination of serenity and comfort for a brief weekend getaway for couples, families with children, and large groups. This cozy and tailored retreat in these villas in Panchgani is designed to provide you with a memorable holiday.

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