Goa of tranquil waters interrupted by a fish leap, of dazzling white egrets flying out of the sunset, of paddy fields and small churches, a Goa where the beach is a golden line on the horizon, with a carpet of sparkling blue sea in between. A Goa where you can’t decide whether to look at the moonlight on the lake or the warmly lit church behind you, straining your neck, hidden waterfalls, gorgeous off-beat homestays and beach shacks, there is a side to Goa which consists more than partying

Are you looking for a secret spot in Goa? Goa is a place with many hidden gems, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Goa boasts a plethora of fascinating spots to visit, whether you’re searching for an exciting getaway or a tranquil location. You could visit all these places and retire at homestays or affordable villas in Anjuna,  Candolim or North Goa.

Here’s a list of some of the best beaches and locations in the area for those looking for less-traveled paths:

Rivona Caves

This cave has a long Buddhist history and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Goa. The laterite rock inside is said to have been used as a seat by a Buddhist monk who meditated here. Inside the cave, in addition to laterite formations, there are also beautiful Buddhist sculptures and paintings. Rivona caves, which overlook the mighty seas and have a distinct layout, are among the most fascinating hidden places in Goa. The caves are in Rivona Village in South Goa, and the view of the sea from there is just the icing on the cake. These caves’ distinct style makes them a must-see.

Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim fort is a favourite subject for photographers looking for undiscovered places to visit in Goa, thanks to its eye-catching Portuguese architecture and breathtaking sunset views. Aside from that, the beach is a pure delight. Sinquerim beach, with its soft sands and cool breeze, is an excellent place to unwind and offers visitors activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, scuba diving, water skiing, fishing, and windsurfing. The entire area is well-kept and pristine, with both luxury accommodations and budget eateries. The fort, located beside the Sinquerim beach in Sinquerim village, is a relatively unknown location in Goa with stunning views. If you enjoy taking photographs, the fort would be ideal. Close by there are multiple beach shacks, apartments and villas in Candolim and Sinquerim for you to choose from.

Candolim Beach Dolphin Tour

Spend some time with one of the most popular aquatic species.

Take out your cameras and enjoy photographing the magnificent large oceans that abound in this beautiful area. The twin beaches of Candolim and Sinquerim, with red sands and rocky headlands in the distance, offer a relaxing alternative to some of the busier beaches just north. When you wish to retire in the day, unwind at private villas in Candolim or if you’re budget-shy the beach shacks around Candolim and Sinquerim are best for your pocket. 

Querim Beach

Because of the lack of tourists, the beach is often overlooked, making it one of the best Goa secret beaches. White sand, attractive beach shacks, deep water with ferociously lapping waves, and the handsome Tiracol Fort adorn the beach. There is also the possibility of paragliding, making it an ideal location for a family picnic. When visiting here, one can also see the Tiracol River flowing in and blending into the Arabian Sea, which is a sight not to be missed.

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