A staycation is an environmentally friendly way of spending your break close to home. It is associated with reduced pollution, cost savings, and avoiding contributing to the overwhelming commotion that occurs in some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. A staycation is a type of alternative tourism that adheres to the slow tourism movement. Slow tourism encourages you to be immersed in the present. It enables you to take your time, explore neighbouring sceneries, reconnect with nature, and spend more time with the people you care in a cozy villa near Mumbai . For all the Mumbaikars looking for a short weekend getaway here are a list of villas near Mumbai to explore and pick for your itinerary

You may do whatever you want, and there’s no need to rush from one activity to the next simply to be active and live in the moment with your loved ones to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Caribbean Villa

This rustic and cozy 2BHK villa near Mumbai, in Panvel is the perfect option if you want to take a break from the commotion and bustle of the city of Mumbai. It has all the amenities which makes it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. A swimming pool, a court for a tennis tournament or any outdoor activity of your choice and a spacious backyard where you can have a picnic date under the shade of the trees lining the outdoors of the villa. You can lounge in the gazebo by the pool and have refreshing drinks accompanied by refreshing dip in the private pool of this cozy villa.

Chestnut Villa

Ekostay Chestnut Villa near Mumbai, in Khopoli is created to inspire conversations, vibes, and delight, with bursts of colour paired with simple design. Everything is built with functionality in mind and to put you in holiday mindset. Beautiful sunsets and pastoral views accompany the 5BHK Villa with its private pool, allowing you to slow time down. Come here with your family and friends, or even your four-legged companions, and let your hair down.

Octagon Farms

Ekostay Octagon Farm Villa near Mumbai,  in Lonavala is a magnificent 8-bedroom villa with a private pool, ideal for relaxing in the mornings. Its subdued furnishings are brightly lighted, brightening the room, and its on-site horse stable is only one of the extra attractions for animal lovers. With its beautiful green vistas, pleasant atmosphere, and tranquil settings, this is the ideal spot for a weekend trip with family and friends.

Oslo Villa

Ekostay Oslo Villa near Mumbai, in Wada is snuggled in the lap of nature, surrounded by mountains and vast terrains, making you want to stay here indefinitely. If you want a staycation that feels like home but is still posh enough to be considered a vacation, here is the place to go. With subdued decor and a private pool and grass inviting you to take a stroll. Make sure to capture the morning light in all of its grandeur, as well as the sunsets in this intriguing environment; it is definitely a sight to behold!

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