Beautiful scenery outside surrounded by hills, lush gardens are beautifully complemented by well-equipped luxury private villas, all kinds of facilities, service staff, large rooms, pools and delicious food. Whether it’s a quiet weekend vacation or a long working holiday away from home, these breathtaking villas are the perfect escape from the urban jungles.

  1. Winterfell Villa, Bhimtal

The definition of picturesque and the most warm, welcoming and infinitely charming homestay you will come across ! 3BHK Winterfell Villa, Bhimtal with its Italian Gothic-style decor, cozy furnishing and interiors here are the best. The villa is sure to impress you. Take in the most breathtaking views from the rolling hills of Bhimtal with your beloved ones. . To pass your time here, you could go on a trek amongst the wilderness or just sit by the balcony and appreciate all that nature has to offer. 

  1. Jungle Creek Villa, Idukki 

Jungle Creek Villa, Idukki is as much a part of the land as it is part of the surrounding evergreen forests around. This 6BHK cozy homestay is engulfed in the best of nature to provide you with the peace you have been searching for. Set up a bonfire and enjoy the ambience you are surrounded in or just relax in the gazebo and search for stars on clear, starry nights as a way to pass time. 

  1. Chestnut Villa, Khopoli

Flaunting bursts of color teamed up with minimalist design , Chestnut Villa is designed to initiate conversations,vibes and joy, everything is designed keeping in mind its utility and to drive you into vacation mode. The 5BHK Villa with its private pool offers you beautiful sunsets with its rustic views that let you slow time. 

  1. Magnolia Home, Shimla 

Perched on a hilltop in Kawalag Village in Shimla, Magnolia Home is a beautiful and rustic 5BHK Villa. The location guarantees uninterrupted mountain views. The Villa gives a peaceful vibe that lets you bond over conversations and games. 

Enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones and catch stunning views of the Himalayan forest from any part of this gorgeous homestay. Sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer in the city that is fondly called “ Queen of the Hills” 

  1. Casa Zul, Alibaug 

Casa Zul  is a dreamy 3BHK Villa away from the commotion of the city, in the Mumbai version of the Hamptons, Alibaug. Whether you choose to lounge and soak in the sun in the outdoor private pool or gorge on BBQ meals surrounded by a bonfire to warm you in the nights at an additional charge, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to extend your holidays to stay back here a little longer. This luxe home which is at a few minutes distance from Thal Beach, is all about a sun-kissed tropical getaway with it’s beautiful lawns and pool, in the comfort of a getaway home.

  1. Pablo Villa, Pune

Pablo Villa in Pune, is a 3BHK Villa with royal and vibrant interiors paying homage to Deccan heritage of Pune. The balcony over here overlooks blissful landscapes and a lake providing you with all the serenity you need. Breakfasts could be devoured on the patio, lunches by the pool and dinners on the lush lawns by a bonfire, all your meal locations are all planned out for you. The living room has a mezzanine floor which provides you ample space to lounge around.

  1. Mount Emerald Villa, Alibaug

Overlooking the mountains of Alibaug, where everything is peaceful and beautiful, Mount Emerald Villa stands beautifully tall amongst lush greenery. Enjoy a hearty barbecue by the pool or down a few drinks on the deck area. Needless to say you will be entertained by Mother Nature here.

  1. Wisteria Villa, Nainital

Nestled amidst woody forests and a lake, this heritage homestay is situated in Ooty. Wisteria Villa, Nainital is a 5BHK Villa that has been around since the 1860’s comes with an elegant fireplace, sloped roofs, stone facades, mantelpieces, large airy rooms and high ceilings create a timeless appeal in this home. Its bright,modern interiors along with its contemporary decor are a highlight. If you like the idea of being tucked away in the mountains by a lake, then Wisteria Villa in Nainital is the perfect choice for you. The garden in particular is a lovely spot to savor the mountain views from or just enjoy the weather with a bonfire to lounge by.

Choose one of these luxury villas as your next vacation pick to be amidst nature and enjoy the escape!

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