With travelers eager to travel with their set budgets, even with travel restrictions set in place, people want to get out even if it is just for a short span of time. All these factors in place, budget holidays with unique villas are the current demands and interests that pique the travelers delight. With Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Lonavala being the new holiday favorites , we are giving the options of the best villas we have in Lonavala, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Our holiday villas in India are specially compiled to give you multiple options throughout the country. Glance through these gorgeous holiday homes that aren’t just pocket friendly but exude a certain luxurious charm too, these unique villas under INR 15,000/- are sure to encapsulate you. Laden with an array of services and amenities, each villa is bound to leave an impact on you and make for memories of a lifetime.

1.  Stark Villa, Nainital

Stark Villa, Nainital is a 4 BHK homestay nestled in the midst of valleys, with ample space to laze around this amazing place. With the sun rays entering the villas through the windows and incredible views are sure to lure you outside for a bonfire with spectacular views. A delight for outdoor lovers, be rest assured to have a leisurely time with your loved ones.

Visit Nainital with family and friends or even with your furry friends and let your hair down.

2.  Woodside Ivy, Ooty

Watch white dense swirling clouds, descend upon you at Woodside Ivy, Nainital. The 3 BHK property is located on a cliff overlooking the valley with a 360 degree view which is surrounded by a tea estate which is not the only plus point of this property. This gorgeous property offers you scenic views from every room. The garden area along with the facade of the house is going to transport you back to the colonial era. Besides you could enjoy your meals by the bonfire, indulge in a BBQ session, relish a hearty meal by the lawns. There are various indoor and outdoor games here to keep you entertained.

3.  Willow Cottage, Dalhousie

Let the sounds of the birds chirping here be your alarm clock at Willow Cottage, Dalhousie. This pristine and vibrant cottage set in the hills of Dalhousie is the perfect place to unwind.  The balcony of the cottage offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains and unending greenery. You could just spend your whole day sitting by the balcony while watching the majestic surroundings that transcend from brightly lit days to starry nights while delighting yourself with a bonfire on the balcony or just pass your time leisurely indoors with your dearest.

4.  Hillcrest Villa, Dehradhun

Built with a gorgeous stone facade, modern decor and situated in a picturesque location is 3 BHK Hillcrest Villa, Dehradun. Spread across a vast expanse of abundant greenery, this villa echoes a hint of rustic charm. Guests can play various board games, chess, carrom and badminton or request for a bonfire to warm up their evenings, at an additional cost.  Bathe yourself in the different colors of a sunset or just light up the fireplace and unwind with your beloved ones.

5.  Daffodil Villa, Manali

Boasting astounding mountainous, valley views while overlooking majestic landscapes just makes this property exquisite by itself. Daffodil Hill Villa, Manali is a 3BHK Getaway with dedicated balcony areas, an outdoor lawn area and spacious interiors that make you feel right at home. Flowers, snow capped mountains and sounds of nature are few of the sights to behold around the villa.

6.  Kufri Chalet, Kufri

Unending mountainscapes, distinct decor and a serene location are all possible at the Kufri Chalet, Kufri. This cozy  property is in the centre of lush greenery with views soothing your eyes all the way upto the horizon. Get together with all your friends and family and get away from all the stress and enjoy the most serene atmosphere with the perfect bonfire.

7.  Hazel Villa, Manali

Bid adieu to the fast-paced city life and get ready to welcome the panoramic vistas, gusts of chilly air, and merriment at the off-beat 2BHK Hazel Villa, Manali. This property, aptly titled, defines new levels of comfortable living, especially for a holiday that is both fun,serene and relaxing. Whether it’s summer or winter, the lush green backdrop of this property is always going to be something you’d love to be nestled in and indescribable.

8.  Blanco Villa, Lonavala

Blanco Villa is the perfect respite for the Mumbai population that looks like its right out of an architectural magazine. Surrounded by lush greenery, modern interiors and plenty of open space are just a few points that bring about the wow factor at this 3 BHK villa in Lonavala.

9.  Casper Villa, Lonavala

In the laps of the hills of Lonavala this 4BHK villa is the pinnacle of serendipity and one of the best villas Lonavala has to offer . Casper Villa has all the amenities one could ask for in a staycation. This villa in Lonavala has its own private pool, spacious lawn and  you can gaze away at the view of the valleys and hills that Lonavala has to offer from every room of the villa. So take a dip in the pool surrounded by luscious greenery or play outdoor games and unwind in the most beautiful setting with your loved ones.

10.   Athens Villa, Goa

With a view of pristine gold beaches, tangled palm trees soaring for the sky, and an aesthetic ambiance in a scenic place like Goa is what a perfect stay sounds like and that’s exactly what 2BHK Athens Villa combines to make it your ideal spot for a getaway. Athens Villa in Goa is characterized with minimalist yet contemporary décor with very cozy seating on the terrace where you can have a relaxing evening supper with a view of lush greenery and never-ending sea and gaze at the most beautiful sunsets with you and your loved ones. 

What are you waiting for? Plan your unique getaways under INR 15,000/- right away you change your mind! 

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