If you are looking for a villa on rent which will transform your surroundings and land you in a place filled with the utmost serenity and tranquility your hunt stops now! We have handpicked these villas in India for you and your loved ones for the perfect getaway!

  • Bougain Villa, Shahpur 

The 5BHK Bougain Villa, Shahpur overlooks the magnificent splendour of Maharashtra, which is gorgeous and refreshingly serene. Maharashtra’s scenic beauty is broad and rich, sewn into one massive quilt which you can witness from every nook and corner of this villa in Igatpuri.

Visit us at our luxury villa in Maharashtra that offers you a view into this dynamic location, along with a private pool and sophisticated building with contemporary décor, making it the ideal retreat.

You may spend your one-on-one time relaxing in any corner of the house. Spend time with your loved ones over tea and chatting, or play board games together. If the evenings turn chilly, you may also arrange a BBQ!

  • Bloomingdale Villa, Bangalore

Enter your own fortress of solitude in our very own villa in the city of Bangalore. 2BHK Bloomingdale Villa, Bangalore is exactly what you need in the time when isolation is your top priority. Spacious lawns with its very own private pool surrounded by luscious greenery are just a few highlights of Bloomingdale Villa. Your little ones will have a blast in the play area in the backyard of this property. Luxurious and sophisticated interiors with the touch of cosy ambience will surely win your heart. This villa in Bangalore is the best pick out of a variety of villas and homestays in Bangalore if you want a relaxing getaway in the hustling and bustling state of Karnataka. You can also play any outdoor game of your choice or just take a stroll in the unending lawns on the property here.

  • Stark Villa, Nainital

This magnificent abode, Stark Villa in Nainital, is a 2 BHK warm homestay located in the midst of valleys, with plenty of space to lounge around. The sunrays flowing in through the windows and the breathtaking vistas are enough to tempt you outside for a bonfire with a sight. The ambience of this villa  You can go for a nice stroll with your loved ones along the pathway surrounded by the hilltops soaring to the sky.  Be certain of spending quality time with your loved ones on the spacious lawns accompanied by a cup of tea with a view of the valley that will last for days.

  • Hazel Villa, Manali

At the off-the-beaten-path 2BHK Hazel Villa, Manali bid farewell to the fast-paced city life and prepare to be greeted by panoramic vistas, crisp air and a warm ambience.  This estate sets new standards with its rustic exterior and warm and cozy interior decor for luxury living, particularly for a stay that is both joyful, tranquil, and calming. Whether it’s summer or winter, the property’s beautiful green background is always something you’ll want to be cuddled in and lounge around with a delicious supper with friends or family. Choose from a variety of villas and homestays in Manali and make your choicest pick.

So pack your bags and get ready for an experience so unforgetful that you will definitely want to revisit the villas time and again. Go ahead and explore many more apartments, villas and homestays in India like these in the offbeat section of the Ekostay website and take your pick from the myriad of  destination choices in every beautiful location India has to offer!

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