Panchgani- Mahabaleshwar, a quaint and picturesque hill station surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountain Range, is an excellent place to spend a few days in the midst of nature. The location presents a comprehensive bundle of recreation, with beautiful panoramas, tranquil lakes, age-old temples, and gushing waterfalls. Also the best times to visit are winters and stay back in their beautiful homestays and villas in Panchgani – Mahableshwar . Not only that, but there’s more! The Mahabaleshwar berries, which are well known for their strawberry production, will contribute a touch of sweetness to your vacation.

  • Row Row Row your boat in Venna Lake 

Looking for a way to spend some quality time with your loved ones? A boating trip on Venna Lake will be a good contender. The tranquil water body is surrounded on all sides by lush trees, forming a captivating image. You can also go horseback riding around the lake in addition to rowing or paddle boating. Let us take you to another world with Specter Villa, A 4BHK villa with a private pool to cool off in, which is tucked in the heart of the mountains Panchgani. The views from the house are captivating enough to make you forget about your troubles and simply enjoy the weather. Eat your meals by the bonfire, engage in a BBQ session, or enjoy a full supper by the pool area while basking in the serene atmosphere of Panchgani.

  • Gushing waterfalls

Lingmala Waterfalls

The Lingmala Waterfalls, nestled in lush environs, are a wonderful spot for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and vacationers. The falls are accessible by hiking along a woodland trail, making it a popular destination for both families and hikers.

Chinaman’s Falls

The Chinaman’s Falls, a multi-tiered cascade nestled in lush flora, is an excellent picnic location for all types of visitors. 

Fun Fact : It is thought that several Chinese inmates worked in the fields near the waterfall, which is how the waterfall earned its name.

Just a short ride away Ekostay provides a private villa for rent in Panchgani. Infinity Villa is a 5 BHK getaway nestled against the stunning Panchgani mountains with your own infinity pool and plenty of space to lounge around and enjoy the several nooks of this lovely homestay. Aside from that, you can eat your meals around a bonfire, have a BBQ, or simply relax in the infinity pool.

  • Velocity Entertainment

 Now that you’ve seen some of Panchgani- Mahabaleshwar’s most stunning scenery, how about trying something different? Make your way to Velocity Entertainmentz, a 10-acre amusement park with a multitude of rides. This is the place to be whether you want to play air hockey, zorbing, dashing cars, gyroscope, go-karting, or basketball with your family and friends. In Mahableshwar, a country home with a charming ambiance that combines old world charm with modern amenities. Fairview Villa, a gorgeous 4BHK luxury villa in Mahabaleshwar, with a unique balcony area and an outdoor grass area that will make you happy and satisfied. Flowers, mountains, and the symphony of nature are just a few of the beauties to view in the vicinity of the home. This Villa has a private garden area with a dining room that is beautifully set up in the garden area only. When you’re ready to rest in your room, soak in your bathtub and feel your worries float away.

  • Pick and Eat Fresh Strawberries!

Laxmi Strawberry Farm will please you to the core if you enjoy berries. To begin with, this farm is where the tastiest berries in town may be picked. That’s not all, though. During the usual strawberry season, you can also go strawberry picking. Well, this isn’t something you get to do every day, do you?

Just like the strawberry farm the Meadow View Villa elegantly integrates basic, rustic décor with modern amenities to present you and your loved ones with the ideal ambiance. This 6 BHK private villa in Mahabaleshwar is ideal for those seeking undeniable hillstation calm. Theres a front yard with lush garden and swings for you to lounge on and have a hot beverage in the cold climate of Panchgani- Mahabaleshwar 

Why wait any longer now that you have a thorough list of things to do in Panchgani- Mahabaleshwar? With all your information at your pals, what’s left for you is to pick a day, pack your bags, book your homestay or private pool villa in Panchgani – Mahableshwar and find your home away from home and get going. Enjoy several of the best Maharashtrian delicacies, and above all, delight your palate with luscious and juicy berries. Have a ‘berrilicious’ experience on your trip!

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